Valgusfestival, Estonia

About Valgusfestival

22 – 25 SEPTEMBER 2011


Valgusfestival celebrated its 11th anniversary in January 2011. Over this time, the festival has developed from its origins as fire sculpture and Christmas tree burning celebration to a world-class light festival. The goal of the festival, originally held in January, was to brighten the city during the darkest months when the days are short and the nights long. The artworks were designed to light up dark corners of Tallinn, bringing people to new areas of the city.

Valgusfestival has a history of international collaboration, hosting cultural exchanges with light festivals across Europe including Lyon, France and Helsinki, Finland.

From 2011, the new Valugusfestival will be in September and will focus on the scientific as well as the aesthetic properties of light. Concerned with the city’s sustainability, ValgusFestival hopes to work with the city government to find a new lighting solution for Tallinn. The Lux Scientia collaboration will allow Valgusfestival to explore this link between art and science, promoting international innovation and the sharing of new ideas.

Find out more about the city of Tallinn.

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