Skyway, Poland

About Skyway International Light Festival 

9 – 13 AUGUST 2011


Bruno Peinado Księżyc · Untitled, Globule Ubiquity Vibrations, 2009

In its third edition, SKYWAY ’11 brought together the ideas of Light Art and the languages of Science and Fiction, Poetics and Physics, opening up a stage filled with vivid emotions and joy in which the city became the central performer. For the visitor, it was a chance to contact with traditional culture – from Myth to proto-science – and glimpse some of the most provocative and innovative possibilities of the shared cultures of science and art. The artworks were not only related with fundamental aspects of the life and identity of the City of Torun, but offered every visitor a very personal experience.

Since its inception, SKYWAY has drawn on and highlighted the wealth of the history and synergies in the relationship between art and the science of astronomy, also myth, history and heritage. Its aim has been to bring through art a deeper understanding of the passion and the dreams that drive the human quest for knowledge and self-expression.

Find out more about the city of Torun.

Download Skyway ’11 Festival Programme

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