Artists and Artworks

We are delighted to present the three Lux Scientia artists Dominik Lejman (Poland), Leonardo Meigas (Estonia) and Simeon Nelson (UK) and their works which will feature across all three festivals.



Dominik Lejman

DOMINIK LEJMAN’s large-scale works aim to create a new kind of ‘urban’ light-painting – a technique involving video projections onto buildings, whose façades become highly charged historical canvases.

Lejman, a major talent among younger Polish contemporary artists, first attracted international attention with his innovative multiple layering of traditional painting (often monochromatic) and video projections. Much of Lejman’s recent work is designed to destabilize the viewer’s accustomed patterns of perception in such a way as to heighten awareness of our instinctive creation of internal and external “security blankets” that offer an illusory shield against the inescapable realities and dangers of our physical being.

Currently lives and works in Poznań, Gdynia and Berlin.

ARTWORK: (untitled)

Video Mural, Domink Lejman

Projection | Lux Scientia Commission

See the architecture of the Cathedral like never before; watch as a group of skydivers recreate elements of a the iconic structure as they open their parachutes just seconds before dispersing their formation. These specially commissioned film recordings of the falling men will show the drawing of shapes in the sky inspired by the architectural diagrams of the Cathedral.

Representing structures of Christian values, philosophy and ethics these shapes will be complimented by shapes inspired by bioethical science bringing into question the notions of good and evil in relation to biology and the molecular formations they might take.



Leonardo Meigas

LEONARDO MEIGAS’ work currently explores the scientific phenomenon of the Hartmann Grid. His piece will take the form of a multimedia installation of ‘invisible walls’ that appear when lit. The goal is to recognize the existence of natural radiations and their effect.

Meigas is a product and graphic designer and has worked in the field since the 80s, making him an established and esteemed designer. Meigas’ graphic design, posters, installations and product design have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and fairs across Europe.

ARTWORK: Hartmann Grid

Installation | Existing work

Although not visible to our eyes we are continuously exposed to a wide range of sources of natural radiation that pass over the Earth. Hartmann Grid is formed of a network of luminous flumes that visualise the lines of natural radiation, or ‘invisible walls’, which surround us. As the colours flow from north to south and east to west, the light emitted represents how these channels of energy move over the earth intersecting to form a grid. The artist invites you to wander the installation using a special tool to reveal the ‘hidden walls’.

The most familiar form of natural radiation is that of the sun which produces infrared radiation that we feel as warmth, visible light, and ultraviolet light. Other sources are cosmic radiation originating from outside our earth, and internal radiation from radioactivity that is naturally present in our bodies.

The Hartmann Grid, Leonardo Meigas

Hartmann Grid is formed according to the actual local electromagnetic radiation of the Earth. It is believed that humans and animals who spend a lot of time at the point where the lines on the Earth’s electromagnetic grid intersect may be more likely to develop certain diseases.



Simeon Nelson

SIMEON NELSON is an award winning sculptor, installation and interdisciplinary artist concerned with the interaction between mankind and nature. Collaborating with scientists, philosophers and theologians, Nelson works to connect science with human understanding of the world.

His gallery based work and interventions into urban sites are concerned with revealing and mapping the hidden systems and significations of the site. He obtained a BA in Fine Art from Sydney College of the Arts in 1987. After establishing himself as an artist in Australia and Asia in the 1990s, he moved to London in 2001 and is currently working on projects in Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK. |

For Plenum, Simeon Nelson collaborates with Rob Godman (Plenum composer) and Nick Rothwell (Plenum coder):

Rob Godman

Rob Godman is a composer, sound designer and programmer. He is Reader in Music at the University of Hertfordshire. As well as creating installation audio works he regularly performs live, focusing on a transparent relationship between technology, audience and performer.

Nick Rothwell
Nick Rothwell is a London-based composer, performer, media artist and programmer. He has produced sound scores for several choreographers and interactive media systems for a variety of international organisations. He is currently touring with a laser-controlled responsive soundscape for Eddie Ladd.


Projection | Development of an existing work for Lux Scientia

Plenum, Simeon Nelson

If you could watch the creation of the universe, what might it look like?

Plenum is an animated light projection inspired by both scientific and mythological accounts how our world came into being and how the cosmos maintains life and consciousness. With a live soundtrack created in collaboration with Nick Rothwell and Rob Godman the projection runs a full sequence from a frozen state of absolute order through to a state of complete chaos.

Watch as the structured grid gently transforms into a pulsating and swaying collection of particles popping in and out of existence playing out an artistic interpretation of the ways the universe could have been formed.

There are many theories of how the world was created, mythically and scientifically. As the particles inPlenum begin to move they impact the dots around them in what appears to be a chain reaction of events pulling into question whether we are all held in balance by our relationships to each other and the atmosphere around us.

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